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(Recorded at the Villa Quieta, Essaouira, Morocco 6/15/97)
Group Shot
This is Maleem Mahmoud Ginia, recorded in the Villa Quieta in Essaouira, a small sity on the Atlantic coast of Morocco. Mahmoud Ginia's musicianship is legendary in Morocco and can be heard in recordings of all types of Moroccan music. When the villagers of Essaouira see Mahmoud they shout "DAWI NESS" , "heal the people", referring to the ritual Leila (trance) ceremony in which Mahmoud's Gnawa music is said to have healing powers.
Mahmoud's sintir, a rectangular bass lute made from wood and camel neck, and mournful vocals are accompanied by karakeb, large metal castanets. The slow, steady tempo of the song gradually quickens to a frantic, trance-inducing rhythm.