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"Flight Of The Bee"
(Recorded in the village Tighormatine, El Kelaat M'Gouna, 6/10/97)

The village of El Kelaat M'Gouna was a few hours northeast of Ouarzazate. When we arrived we went straight to the local Caidıs office. Unfortunately he was out, so we went for a swim at a local hotel, Hotel Les Roses Du Dades. waited about an hour and went back: he was in. After going through the chain of command, we were granted a meeting. While he was delighted we were there to document Moroccan music, he felt embarrassed that he was not prepared. The Caid called the Ouarzazate tourist board and let them have it for not notifying him in advance. The Caid then made about 10 phone calls trying to find musicians for us to record. Having succeeded, we were assisted by one of his captains who escorted us into the village to round up the musicians. First we went to the mosque where the leader had just finished praying. He sent word out and two hours later the group was assembled. The captain remained with us the whole time and enjoyed the performance. Known as Ahouach, this song is a form of regional Berber music. It is a call and response between men and women. This song is about finding your mate; the performers dance around as if courting each other. The women dress in colorful clothing to help attract their partner. Instruments used are bendir and vocals.