This is the beginning of an interactive tour of Morocco. Our original intention was to produce a CD ROM but it's easier for us to do it here on the internet. You will need Quicktime and the latest version of Macromedia's Shockwave to enjoy this part of our site. Please come back to this page often as we intend to add new content to it on a regular basis. For now, check out some QTVR panoramas and a Shockwave enabled map of Morocco with audio files. Feel free to save this stuff to your computer and share it with friends.

Navigating a QTVR pano is simple:
1) Click on the thumbnails below to open the QTVR movie.
2) Click down your mouse inside the QTVR and moving side to side and up and down.
3) Use your Shift Key to Zoom In and your Control Key to Zoom Out.

HINT: QTVR movies with a '*' in the title are multinode movies. That means they contain 2 or more scenes. The scenes are linked by HotSpots. When you notice your cursor change into a white arrow facing upwards, you've found a hotspot. Clicking on the HotSpot will take you to a new node of the panormama.

Map Of Morocco
Shocked Map Of Morocco

Fes Store

*Bab Bou Jloud (Blue Gate)




*Cascade Du Ouzude

El Bedi Palace, Marrakech

Mohamed's Roof- Medina, Marrakech